2019 Fall Community Yard Sale

2019 Fall Community Yard Sale

Brookfield Owners Association is having a neighborhood-wide community yard sale.

Saturday, November 2nd from 8am-2pm.

Volunteers will be placing signs at the neighborhood entrances. You don’t need to register anywhere, just pull out your stuff, set up and sell!

If you put up signs directing traffic to your home, be sure to take them down when the event ends.

2019 Fall Community Yard Sale

2019 Fall Community Yard Sale
Playgrounds Closed for Construction

Playgrounds Closed for Construction

Dear Brookfield Owners,

Please be aware that our playgrounds will be closed for construction for the remainder of the week. We anticipate the shade structures being fully installed by the end of the week but will update further if this changes.

Thank you for your continued patience,
Board of Directors

2020 Assessment Increase Notice

2020 Assessment Increase Notice

Dear Brookfield Owners,

The Board of Directors has reviewed and approved the 2020 budget for the community, and effective with the January 1, 2020 assessment there will be an increase of 5%. The new assessment amount will be $88.00 per quarter. The assessment increase will cover regular maintenance and also continuing to fund the reserve account.  Statements are mailed in advance and we are providing all owners advance notice of this new increase effective January 1, 2020.

The following below are several different payment options when making your quarterly assessment payments. Please note all payments should be made payable to Brookfield Owners Association, Inc. Please do not make payments payable to CMA as it will delay applying your payment to your account and may result in return of payment.

  • Online – Paylease

CMA works with a 3rd party company, Paylease, to offer our owners a convenient, fast and easy access when needing to make payments. Through Paylease the following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Visit the CMA website at www.cmaaustin.com and click Make a Payment, or go directly to Paylease at www.paylease.com.  Follow the online instructions for credit card or bank account payments.  You will be required to create an account using your Association account number that can be found on each statement.  Recurring payments are offered.

*Fees for credit card payments are $3.95 + 3.5% of the amount to be paid

*Fees for bank account payments are $3.95

  • MAIL a check with your statement stub to P.O. Box 66817, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6817. Ensure the payee is listed as your association and note your account number on each payment.
  • ACH Automatic Withdrawal from your checking or savings account.  Assessments will be drafted between the 1st and 5th of the month for the assessment amount due.  To enroll, complete and return the ACH form.
  • Bill Pay through your personal bank.  Make check/payment payable to your Association and reference your account number. Mail payment to Association Name, P.O. Box 66817, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6817.
  • Over the Phone payments are not recommended, however if needed, can be made over the phone by calling CMA. These payments will be processed using Paylease and above noted fees will be applied in addition to a $5.00 processing fee.

Payments will be processed faster if mailed directly to the processing center at P.O. Box 66817, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6817.  Mailing payments to the CMA office, or hand delivering, slows the processing time of payments being applied, thus resulting in late fees being assessed.  Please update your records and mail all payments to P.O. Box 66817, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6817.

Vangie Bocanegra, CMCA
Managing Agent for Brookfield Owners Association, Inc.

September 23, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting

September 23, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting



Date: Monday, September 23, 2019

Location: Conference Call (1-866-906-7447, enter code 9193635)

Time: 11:00 a.m.

1. Call meeting to order/confirm quorum

● Homeowner Forum
● Review/Approve 2020 budget with a 5% dues increase.


Proposed 2020 Budget