Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected by the members of the Association at our annual meeting of the members.

The Board of Directors currently consists of 5 members. A member may also be an officer of the Association.

Richard Shelton, President (2020)
Scott Dollins, Vice President (2022)
Ryan Drepaul, Secretary (Appointed, 2021)
Vacant, Treasurer (2020)
Wendy Russom, Member at Large (2022)

A list of some duties of the Officers are below:

• Presides at all Association meetings
• Makes sure orders and resolutions are carried out
• Manages Board of Directors communication with Association Manager

• Takes the place of the President when he/she is absent
• Performs other duties as required

• Keeps meeting minutes
• Records votes
• Signs contracts on behalf of the Association

• Prepares the annual budget
• Reviews financial records

Member at Large
• Fifth voting member of the HOA board
• Performs duties as assigned