Introducing Goodwin & Company

Introducing Goodwin & Company

Dear Property Owner:

The Board of Directors of Brookfield Owners Association recently appointed Goodwin & Company as its new management company, effective March 1, 2020. My name is Brian Schroeder and I am the new Association manager.

2020 ASSESSMENTS: You will receive a coupon booklet in the coming weeks, that will serve as your payment remittance for 2020.

ACCOUNT BALANCE/CREDIT:  Any balance or credit on your account with prior management as of February 29, 2020 will carry over to Goodwin.  Balance or credit information for each account should be received from the prior management company in mid-March.  Any owner with a prepaid credit or past due balance will receive a statement in March reflecting this balance.

PLACE FOR PAYMENT: Send all future payments to the following address:

ABOA- Brookfield Owners Association
c/o Goodwin Processing Center
PO Box 93447
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3447
YOUR NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER IS:  Please reference the letter mailed to your address.

BILL PAYMENT SERVICES:  If you use a bill payment service that automatically makes payments for you, please change the name of the payee and the address for payment to the PO Box address listed above.  We apologize, but your service will not allow us to make the change for you.

PROBLEMS WITH YOUR ACCOUNT? If you have an accounting issue that needs to be resolved, please contact our office at (855) 289-6007 or

ASSOCIATION WEBSITE: You may access your community website by visiting and entering your community name in the upper right-hand corner. Select your association name and click the magnifying glass; you will be redirected to your current association website in a new window. The site will remain active.

There will be a TownSq button listed on the website.This website allows you to view community documents, account information, make payments and easily communicate with your association management staff. To login for the first time, you will need to select “Need to register” below the green login button and enter the required fields. Please reference the letter mailed to your address for your account number.

Once you have entered the required information, the system will have you confirm your account information, the email address you would like to use, and you will create a password for the account.

AUTOMATIC DRAFT AND PAYMENT OPTIONS:  If you would like to pay your assessments online or have them setup to be automatically drafted from your checking account, please login to your account following the instructions above, select “Make a Payment”, enter your preferred payment method and select Pay. Please note that your current ACH payment method with prior management will discontinue. You will need to re-establish a new ACH payment method with Goodwin.

Please feel free to contact me at or 512-502-7021.  We appreciate your business and I look forward to managing your Association.

Yours truly,
Brian Schroeder
Community Manager

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