Pool Attendant and Rule Violations

Pool Attendant and Rule Violations

Dear Homeowners,

We’re aware of some issues that occurred at the pool over the weekend and we’re diligently working to ensure they’re addressed.

We do need the help of all pool users to ensure the rules are followed. The attendant on duty does primarily monitor the gate but is also available to respond to other rule violations such as inappropriate language, inappropriate music, and the throwing of balls. If you hear or see a rule violation, please notify the attendant on duty so that it can be addressed. If you feel your complaints aren’t being addressed, please notify CMA via email or phone. Again, we need all pool users to notify the attendant of rule violations. The attendant will never be able to hear and see everything going on especially when the pool is busy. It takes all of us.

Moving forward, the attendant will not allow balls within the pool perimeter. They can be stored with the attendant or taken home. If you see any being thrown, please let the attendant know.

The Board wants our pool to have a fun family friendly atmosphere, and we are continuing to work on it but we need your help.

Thank you,
Board of Directors

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