Fireworks Prohibited

Fireworks Prohibited

Brookfield Owners and Residents,

As we approach the 4th of July, we’d like to remind all homeowners and residents that fireworks are strictly prohibited in Brookfield. The use of fireworks will result in an incurable violation and $50 fine for each instance.

Fireworks create a significant safety concern for both property and life in Central Texas. Both the City of Austin and City of Pflugerville have ordinances banning them for the same reasons.

Please respect your neighbors with small children, PTSD, and pets and refrain from using fireworks. There are several controlled fireworks shows taking place in the Austin area including the popular Austin Symphony Orchestra Free 4th of July Concert and Fireworks at Vic Mathias Shores (formally Auditorium Shores) and the Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival at the Pfield (Pflugerville Stadium).

As in 2018, we will have contracted security guards patrolling the neighborhood over the holiday in addition to relying on the community to enforce our CC&Rs. If you see fireworks in the neighborhood, please contact Certified Management via email at Please include the address of the offender, date and time, and a photo of the violation.

Thank you,
Board of Directors
Brookfield Owners Association

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